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Okotoks Hot Tub Spa & Swim Spa 3 Day Sale

#1 Canada Hot Tub Brands

Master Spas has a number of different lines of hot tubs and swim spas, each designed to entice every one of your senses. They offer the ultimate in relaxation, recreation and wellness. Each of these quality-designed hot tubs has its own unique look, feel and features so you can find the perfect fit for you and your family.

One bold design and the revolution in swim spas is in motion. The sleek, European-inspired styling of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas premium line of swim and fitness spas by Master Spas is unlike any swim spa that has come before.

From the energizing benefits of aquatic exercise to the incomparable health rewards and relaxation of hydro-thermal therapy, the H2X value line of fitness swim spas offers endless options, making it an easy choice.

At Master Spas, we worked for nearly 30 years to perfect your spa experience. Each hot tub is master crafted to achieve enhanced, innovative therapy, relaxation, and high tech advancements in construction, performance, insulation, filtration and heating systems.

Twilight Series hot tubs provide a full-sensory experience that combines world-class hydrotherapy, a calming cascade of gently glowing lights and legendary quality and industry-leading design. Come home each day to therapeutic relief and mind-easing relaxation.

A Clarity Spa hot tub gives you the luxury of a high-end day spa with even more privacy and peace of mind. Clarity Spas are the most delightful on the market and the perfect place to find your Zen whenever you need it.

Healthy Living Hot Tubs promote a buoyant balance for a fit mind, body, and spirit. Here, you can slip into a world of benefits that will help to improve your quality of life through purposeful relief and enhanced wellness.

Getaway Hot Tubs are your passport to relaxation and are the perfect excuse to escape and rejuvenate. Getaway hot tubs are quick and easy to enjoy. Simply select a location, plug in, add water, and then relax in your new found happy place.

Master Spas Okotoks Alberta Dealer:

Empress Hot Tubs & Swim Spas is your full service hot tub and swim spa provider in Calgary, Alberta.

We do more than just sell hot tubs; we back up our products by providing you with the best service.

We have only the most qualified people to maintain and repair your investment..

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